Apple iPhone 6 release date

The iPhone 6 release date has always been expected in September 2014 and follows the annual Apple announcement. Until now the exact date was unknown. Now Apple have announced a special launch date for the 9th September.

Apple made the rumoured date official on Friday of last week as it sent invites out to the press. The minimalistic invitations feature nothing more than a stylized Apple logo, the date and a shrug of a line, "Wish we could say more."

The exact details of the iPhone 6 are still unconfirmed with many rumours circling the internet news pages and forums. Apple are of course keen to keep the full details close to their chest in an attempt to hype the smartphone up as much as possible.

Apple's tongue may be tied, but we have plenty of intelligence on what to expect on September 9th. From working closely with accessory manufactures that are MFi (made for iPhone / iPad / iPad) certified; Gadget Boy can almost say for certain is that it will come in a 4.7inch size initially. Yes there are rumours of a 5.5inch Pro or Air model too, but Apple have had a few manufacturing problems with this larger phablet.

Gadget Boy predicts that only one iPhone 6 variant will be released on September 9th. We do not dispute that Apple are working on a larger 5.5" iPhone 6, but we expect just the 4.7" iPhone 6 will be unveiled on 9th September. The 5.5inch model is likely to come later in the year or maybe even as late as spring 2015. 

Gadget Boy will have a large selection of the best iPhone 6 accessories available from mid to late September 2014. We are working closely with top case brands such as Verus, Rhino Case and Melkco to bring you a selection of protection covers for the new iPhone 6 4.7". We will also be stocking a range of MFi approved mains chargers, desktop chargers, car chargers and USB Lightning cables from brands such as Belkin, iMobi4 and Gadget Juice. 

Keep looking at the iPhone 6 section on the new GadgetBoy website to see the first details on the new accessories and delivery dates.